Let us work together.

Administrative Support

Virtual Assistant

Our team will take care of your business calls, emails and appointments. Even handle schedule of meetings, take care of your travel plans and more, all at a fraction of what can cost you to hire a personal secretary.

Data Entry

Our data entry services include transcribing input data from one format to another; from a voice recording to hard copy form. This can be from anything from entering new products into an ecommerce store to updating customer records to adding listing to your site or updating your company database and mailing directory.

Telehealth Services

Virtual Nurse

Our telehealth / virtual nurse are coherent with onsite nurses used to divert unnecessary ER visits to assist with monitoring, surveying patients in real time and assist patients how to care for themselves between clinical visit which can improve service delivery and treatment of acute conditions taking away the additional effort and cost that it takes to travel to a remote doctor’s facility can be stressful. The virtual nurse can take over parts of the care process that doesn’t require hands-on services, planning, medication adherence, leading to faster response times.

This service can help facilitate competitive advantage, increase patient satisfaction and retain more patients, In addition to reducing overhead costs per visit, which is less time-consuming, both for the patient and provider. We care to assist hospitals and healthcare facilities to reduce the legwork of onsite nurses.

Finance and Accounting


Keep track of your day-to-day financials whether you’re a startup, a small or medium size company. Outsource your bookkeeping needs with us so your business can focus more on its core expertise.

Sales and Marketing

Social Media

Let us represent your business on social media to keep your audience engaged and responding effectively. This ensures a greater ‘connect’ with your customers, both existing and prospective ones.

Lead Generation

We care about your target results. Our team can provide a good lead generation workflow and output with the right parameters and CRM tools.

SEO Marketing

SEO can help a business accomplish a number of goals, including ones involving brand awareness, traffic, conversions, customer experience, and much more.